Protecting your ability to know what’s real.

In a world of advanced document cloning and deepfake technology, how can you preserve your ability to decide what’s real? By using the most advanced identity verification technology on the planet. AU10TIX gives you the crystal-clear vision to know, trust and protect customers, while safeguarding compliance and reputation.

Who Are We?

Get to know us as well as we get to know your customers.

Our identity has changed with the identity intelligence industry we helped shape. Our vision, principles and work ethic have stayed the same—and it paid off. AU10TIX was the world’s first fully automated digital identity verification enterprise solution.



We’re as good as we are thanks to people like you

Ready to join the fight against identity fraud? AU10TIX only verifies identity without human involvement thanks to decades of involvement from people like you. Check our global vacancies.

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