Smart SDKs Prove Crucial For Higher Conversion Rates In CNP Onboarding

CNP or Card Not Present is a transaction which is made in such a manner that the merchants cannot verify the physicality of the card. It leads to credit card frauds and can also make sure that wrong people authorize the transactions which the actual user does not want to do. The internet or the online purchase is the most common way of performing the CNP related frauds. In order to curb the problem the only way which has been developed by some of the companies is to completely ban the CNP transactions.
However, as per experts, it is not the way it should be. There are ways which should be used to make sure that the work is done with care and perfection.

What are Smart SDK’s?

u200dIt is the way or the set of rules which make sure that the conversion rate of the customers is increased. It always works in such a manner that the CNP onboarding is never a problem at all. It will also allow the users and the businesses to develop a relationship of trust and validity. It is a known fact that no one likes fraud and it can hamper the repute of the business. These SDK’s make sure that the best and the most advanced outcome is generated for the users and they get to trust the business with the CNP transaction. It will also give the business trust that only the original person is making the transaction.

CNP and latest advancements

u200d The SDK’s which are developed in this regard are state of the art. They make sure that multiple databases are captured and connected while authenticating the CNP transaction. In the case of the original person, he or she knows all the details which will then be put into the system and the names will be validated. It will also allow the businesses to get to know the passport or any related number for the transaction verification. The biometric verification with the help of a phone sensor is another important advancement underway.

Overcoming the fraud

u200dIt is very important to make sure that the SDK’s are developed in such a manner that the frauds are preventing. Such SDK’s can also be developed in form of apps which users can install over their phone.
For CNP transaction the customer should be required to provide the picture proof which can be sent if they have a camera smartphone. It is very important that all the CNP related transactions are performed like this. It will make sure that the photo of the customer is saved to the system and can be used for the identification of the suspect in case of any fraudulent transaction.u200d

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