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Mobile Face Matching Requires Multi-Modal Liveness Detection

Checking technique which is related to any form or means is always unimodal and it is the biggest issue which is being faced by the companies from all over the world. The unimodal detection means that either face or fingerprint or voice is detected. To make it more vibrant it is always advised by the professional that is related to the authentication to make the modal in line with the liveness detection. It means that all the verification elements should be added to make sure that the verification is made strict and stern. The multimodal liveness detection is also very important if the verification is being done by the mobile device. Systems should be made which can support voice, fingerprint and facial recognition. Current applications are not advanced at all and therefore it is very important that such elements are added which can support all the means of verification.

Mobile verification and liveness detection

u200dThere are many companies from all over the world that make sure that the mobile verification is done to implement the KYC regulations. Integrating the liveness detection with the mobile authentication means that the voice, fingerprint, and facial recognition is done all in a single go which will save time and effort for the users. It is the best model which will make sure that there is no need for any physical verification at all. It will also allow the companies to develop a level of interest with the users. Use of both visual and audio info can lead to a greater level of preciseness and will allow the companies to overcome the issues which unimodal presents.

Types of systems

u200dIt is a known fact that such information cannot be handled by a single system. To make sure that the issues are addressed there are different systems which are developed by the ID verification and each is responsible for different actions or verification. It means that one system will be responsible for the voice verification, the other will be responsible for the facial recognition and the last system should be responsible for the fingerprint verification. It is very important that all these systems should be integrated in such a manner that it presents a single result for every user of the company. The fusing of the info is the main part of such systems and therefore they work fine only if they are integrated.

Modeling of system correlations

u200dIt is very important that the correlation modeling is performed based on the complex algorithms and the AI integration. The AI plays an important part here as the facial and the voice effects are not same all the time. They should always be categorized in such a manner which fosters the process. It is very important that the modeling of the systems is done by highly qualified professionals to make sure that the mobile related models are also integrated. It will make sure that the speaking and calm face of the same person is recognized as one and the same goes for the pitch of the voice which is to be detected.

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