How AU10TIX’s Neural Network Advancements are Helping Global Enterprises Reach New Heights for Customer Experience while Obliterating Fraud

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As a global leader in automated identity verification, AU10TIX is ever committed to providing companies with the most cutting-edge identity intelligence solutions to enable them to confidently connect to their customers with safer, more accessible services. From identity document verification to biometric authentication and synthetic fraud detection, our technology links physical and digital identities to deliver accurate, compliant customer onboarding and access decisions in eight seconds or less, resulting in frictionless user experiences with zero tolerance for fraud.

Our R&D team’s constant efforts to deliver on this commitment not only sustained businesses reliant on identity verification during COVID-19 when manual solutions were forced to close, but have continuously enabled smarter, faster, and safer interactions for our customers. How? By developing and integrating in-house advanced neural networks.

The Magic of Neural Networks

If you’re new to neural networks, think about them like any good muscular strength and conditioning program. The same way an athlete trains a muscle to get stronger or remember how to react, or how a baby learns to recognize a dog after seeing it one, two, ten times—a neural network can learn how to recognize and react to types of data. So, upon finding a type of fraud or ID template that is relevant to detect, AU10TIX builds a use case and begins to train a neural network to manage it. A common application at AU10TIX is detecting photo and text replacement forgeries.

Three Ways AU10TIX Neural Networks are Dramatically Improving Our Customers’ Bottom Line

  • Our computer vision and machine learning investments are driving better readability, more automation, and stronger fraud detection for our customers, delivering accuracy at speed without sacrificing security at the “front door.” It is somewhat obvious, but what you put in effects what you get out and our customers rely on fast, easy, and accurate data inputs to satisfy end-users at any point in their journey—from first-time account opening and one-time transactions to ongoing account management. This is why AU10TIX is focused on increasing and improving the quality of data flowing into our systems with neural networks. We have embedded machine learning capabilities in our core backend and frontend and in our ID processing and ID capturing too.
  • We’re now able to catch sophisticated fraudster techniques, like replacing text and images in copy-and-paste methods undetectable by the human eye or classic algorithms. Core to AU10TIX services and decades-long history is the ability to verify identities as authentic or forged, and the rise of synthetic fraud makes this incredibly important across the vast digital ecosystem powered by our personal online data. In 2020, we’ve made incredible progress in our ability to detect forgeries by building and training bespoke neural networks for a variety of sophisticated fraudster techniques, strengthening our analysis of data as it flows through our systems.
  • With the launch of INSTINCT and its correlation capabilities, AU10TIX and our participating customers are powering the continuous, collaborative fight required to eliminate synthetic fraud. INSTINCT provides a safe, anonymous way to correlate data flowing through AU10TIX verification solutions. When our neural networks see a fraudulent ID in one place, we can now alert the rest of the participating network about this bad ID—or if it had previously slipped through the cracks to flag it for removal. The power of correlation will not only keep businesses safer but also lead to exciting new ways to remove friction from the user experience.

Game-Changing Neural Network Results Raise the Bar for What Businesses Should Expect for Automation and Accuracy Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

According to existing traffic and customer feedback, our 2020 integration of advanced neural networks and other engineering innovations are delivering results like:

  • 30% more effectiveness when compared to previous identity verification techniques
  • Over 8% more business automation, decreasing business operating costs
  • An 85% increase in ability to detect non-IDs from IDs
  • A 400x improvement in detecting low-quality but sufficient images

We are excited by these numbers but know our work is not done. We love technology but it’s in service to a greater need for access and security in our daily lives.

About AU10TIX

AU10TIX, an identity management company headquartered in Israel, provides critical, modular solutions to link physical and digital identities so that companies and their customers can confidently connect. Over the last decade, AU10TIX has become the preferred partner for customer onboarding and customer verification automation and we continue to work on the edge of what’s next for the future of identity’s role in society. Our proprietary technology provides results in less than 8 seconds, allowing companies to onboard faster, prevent fraud, meet compliance mandates, and, importantly, establish trust with their customers. We recently announced an $80M investment from TPG and Oak ft/hc to fuel growth and innovation. AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. For more information, visit

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