Biometric Selfie To ID Matching Requires Multi Factor Liveness Detection

There are several processes that require ID verification and each has its own importance, such as mobile face matching that requires multi modal liveness detection. This cannot be denied as our daily lives are dependent on this stuff. From bank transactions to entering another country it is important that the ID verification processes are followed to get that is required. The process in most parts of the world is manual and there is massive human intervention.

It is, therefore, a process that will make sure that the work done by humans instead of machines. The need of the hour is an automated ID system that will be kept in place to make sure that the verification steps are followed in a speedy manner.

The Examples

There are many systems that have been deployed throughout the world to make sure that the automated verification is done. The most infamous example is that of Smart Gate that was deployed in Australia. The system is sophisticated and keeps an eye on each and every person that crosses the border.

This was mainly deployed at the international airports all around Australia and has turned out to be the best systems in the world. Following the footsteps, the Chinese government has also made sure that the train stations, as well as airports, are equipped with similar systems to make sure that the best outcome is generated.

Dynamic Weight Imprinting

If many classes in this method have few samples then there come the problems which are to be addressed. Such systems are equipped with the Dynamic Weight Imprinting. This is a shortcoming which if not addressed will lead to the problems and therefore will make sure that the issues are never resolved with such systems. This is because the data extraction in this regard will not be accurate at all.

It will further lead to a problem that will allow the audit trails to be false. The DWI will ensure that unification of the selfie IDs is applied and for this task, a dedicated system is launched.

The Challenges

There are challenges which are faced in relation to the photo compression as well as the matching of the pairs that is done within the photos supplied. The national database has photos that are to be matched with the results that are supplied by the system. In all such cases,it is important to note that the national databases compress the photos to make sure that the work is done completely.

The results can, therefore, be inconclusive or false if the DWI is not configured completely. It is therefore advised to the developers to make sure that the best outcome is generated with the integration of the right type of technologies.


There are many rules and the applications that are important and must be done to make sure that the systems work as expected. The software speed is to be tested and the workaround time should also be calculated to make sure that the best outcome is generated without any problem.With such advancements, it is highly advised to make sure that selfie ID systems are deployed for better control.

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