AI and online Identity

4iQ is one of the biggest names in the cyber security industry and the best part is that it lives up to the hype. In December 2017 the company found a single file on the dark web. This file consisted of 1.4 billion text credentials that were being used to hack into the systems of the companies from all over the world. It is regarded as the largest discovery on the deep web and has shocked the world of the internet. The passwords in the file were not at all encrypted and the most of these were in the working state. This is surely a bad news for all the people that are working in the industry as it will continue to give rise to issues overall.

Not A Hard Work At All

It is another important part that cannot be ignored at all. The hackers like in the past do not need to process the quadrillion data pieces to get access to the networks as the deep web has made it very easy for them to overcome the problem. They simply need to make sure that the data is purchased from the deep web and the networks are accessed using the credentials that are found within the files. It is the appalling situation as most of the breaches in this regard are not even recognized due to the legitimacy of the activities.

Unreliable Methods

The knowledge-based and the 2 factor authentication is something that is not at all recommended as it does not prove to be an effective method to curb the problem. The questions and the answers of the two-factor authentication is something that is not at all reliable and can be found within the files lurking the dark web. The need of the hour is to develop the methods that will curb the situation completely. Such methods should also make sure that the overall management of the networks is also kept under control and the suspicious activities are not allowed at all.

AI And Online Identification

Gone are the days when the username and the password were regarded as the most reliable methods of all times. The fact of the matter is that it allows the users to gain access in an unauthorized manner as well. The extra layer of security in online identification and verification that has been attached to the credentials should be something such as online verification using AI, a real-world document. AI, machine and the deep learning are some of the curves that are to be organized in such a manner that it gives birth to the best and the most advanced outcomes to date.

Best Algorithms

There are certain flaws in the use of AI for the customer verification. The worst part is that it does not detect the documents that have been altered but it is not the case every time. There are certain aspects which required more intelligent algorithms in place to detect the fakeness of the documents. For instance, it is important that the copy that has been uploaded to the site is something that is clear and in HD. The sites should not accept the document that is blurry and unrecognizable.

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