About us


A two minute company overview


AU10TIX Limited is a pioneer of multi-channel (front-end and online) Secure Customer Onboarding technologies.

The company provides solutions for automating the capture, classification, authentication and conversion of ID documents and document images to workable digital records.  Integrated with automated e-form population, signature pads, biometric devices and other customer processing elements these solutions can form a complete paperless Secure Customer Onboarding platform.


AU10TIX is a forerunner of common core technology based multi-channel solutions.

The company’s front-end, desktop as well as mobile ID authentication and processing solutions are all based on a shared image-processing and decision-analytics algorithms basis. This enables the implementation of solutions that cover all relevant customer handling interfaces in a more streamlined, cost-effective and simpler to integrate way than conventional, diversified platform solutions.


AU10TIX solutions offer both direct and indirect benefits.

Direct benefits include visceral, systematic fraud and irregularity detection coupled with comprehensive, accurate content extraction and record generation. These translate immediately to the ability to speed-up customer processing, minimize human error, and reduce manual labor and paperwork.

Derived, indirect benefits include aspects of improving overall business performance and competitiveness: Streamlined screening and onboarding can improve customer experience and conversion success rates. Speedy handling can increase traffic handling capacity. Higher record quality can improve the performance of ECM and risk management systems. Systematic fraud detection can facilitate long-term, effective KYC compliance. And saving of manual, paper-based processing can save significant operating costs and boost overall operating efficiency.

Parent Group

AU10TIX is a subsidiary of ICTS international (founded 1982, NASDAQ listing ICTSF.OB) – a global provider of security services to environments such as aviation, border control and sensitive facilities with more than 20 years of experience. AU10TIX has been founded as the technology arm of ICTS International, later on diversifying into the commercial and government markets and pioneering the concept of multi-channel Secure Customer Onboarding.