Utility Fraud

Utility Fraud is a type of fraud where utilities or services are billed to the victim. Ref.: http://www.cpp.co.uk/helpful-info/fraud-glossary-of-terms#m

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Vishing is a scheme. This scheme is also known as “voice phishing.” It occurs when the thief contacts an individual over the telephone. In this instance, the schemer poses as…

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Visible Paper Fiber

Visible Paper Fiber is easily seen, randomly placed fibers that are added to the paper when it is manufactured. Can also add invisible UV properties to make the fibers glow…

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Void Pantograph

Void Pantograph - The word “VOID” that appears when an attempt is made to copy a document. This Void Pantograph feature is effective primarily in document-present situations where the original…

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Warning Band

Warning Band is a disclaimer on the document stating the inclusion of security features. Ref.: https://www.gpo.gov/pdfs/customers/security_glossary.pdf

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Warning Regulation

Warning Regulation means a warning of the legal ramifications of altering or copying the document. Ref.: https://www.gpo.gov/pdfs/customers/security_glossary.pdf‍

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Watermark means a translucent design, pattern or symbol created in paper by varying the distribution of fibers within an area of the paper to identify the manufacturer, brand, or customer.…

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