LCCP Gambling Commission Pushes For More ID Verification

The Internet has revolutionized the world of financial interactions. With automated transactional systems, en-encryption, and user-friendly forms of verification and authentication, it is both safe and convenient to buy or sell products and services online. This includes everything from hand-made goods, to common retail items, to online gambling.

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Is Bitcoin Rising And Making A Comeback?

It sometimes feels like every generation has its own trend in the market that causes a huge flood of speculation and investment, only for the bottom to fall out and values to come crashing again. These “bubbles,” where the value of certain products in the market rapidly inflate but then, as the name suggests, burst, due to fragility have been occurring for centuries. The most famous bubble was the “tulip mania” of the 17th century, when the fashionability of the flower was so high that fortunes could be made in selling tulips, only for saner heads to prevail eventually, question why tulip bulbs were so expensive and caused that market to crash and burn spectacularly.

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