What Is AML Screening?

Over the past few years, more and more countries have begun investing in anti-money-laundering (AML) efforts. Many national governments have passed initiatives mandating how companies must approach AML efforts.

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Trusted Identity As A Service

As we’ve allowed technology to play more and more of a prominent role in our lives, we’ve managed to expose ourselves to considerable risk Account takeovers and identity theft have grown to become significant concerns for both individuals and businesses.

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Global Identity Verification

Over the past couple of decades, business has grown more and more global. This has revolutionized the financial landscape significantly. One of the ways how the economic landscape has changed is in terms of global identity verification.

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Document Verification

As technology continues to become more and more prominent in our lives, our ability to connect with one another becomes more and more possible. However, one of the areas where people have struggled to keep up was with verification processes. We seek to live our lives in “real time,” but we haven’t had solutions that make real-time verification possible.

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REAL ID In The United States Prompts Need For ID Verification

The United States recently enacted a measure that changed how individual states issue licenses. Millions of Americans will soon be going to their local state government to receive an updated ID. However, one of the many ripple effects that this new law will have is on the way companies verify IDs. Companies may now have to invest in modern ID verification technology to ensure that they can read the new licenses.

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