• What is ID Authenticate

    February 16, 2018

    If you are a security professional then it is highly likely that you know the concept of ID authentication. For a common people the concept is grappling and they mix several concepts such as identification or authorization is entirely different concepts and therefore they must never be confused at all. To make things clear for the users it is very important that every concept is understood one by one. It also means that you get the complete idea of implementation as well. It will also make sure that the best and the most advanced techniques are developed to make the overall processes easy.


    It is very important that the word identification is understood completely. Identification means that you are claiming to be someone. For instance, if you get to the security desk tell your name then it is identification. It also means that you claim to be someone and that specific identity is associated with you. The best part of the concept is latched an identity to you and therefore it becomes unique when it comes to your personality. For instance, the password entering is also something that is associated with the concept. It also means that you identify yourself to the server by entering the correct password. Passwords are unique to your usernames so a great way of authentication.



    It is a very crucial concept to understand. The password is a way of identification. The most important concept which should be understood is that the pair of username and password completes the process of authentication. Authentication means that you got to prove what you claim to be. If your name is Allen Jones and you enter the username AJones then you got to prove that you are Allen by entering the correct password. It means that without the identification there is no authentication and vice versa. It also means that both processes run parallel.


    The best part of this authentication and identification is that these processes are followed in the daily life. For instance, if your brother calls you then he is identified and authenticated at the same time as you recognize his voice over the phone. There are several other concepts which use the idea of authentication and identification. The best part is that one process is incomplete without others and therefore must be applied simultaneously. Most of the processes which are developed by most of the organizations are also such that they embed both ideas completely.


    Authorization is another concept which is associated with the idea. It is the third step and therefore it means that once you are authenticated, identified you are assigned special privileges. These are some privilege which is not found elsewhere or with any other authorization. Only you will get the authorization which gives you some special powers which are associated with that ID. The identity attribute you have has some authorization associated with it. Once you verify that it is you the authorization factor is activated in the systems. There are hundreds of ways in which authorization is applied in everyday life.