February 21, 2018

    BOS is an acronym for back Office Service. Developed by AU10TIX it is one of the most advanced applications which make the environment of authentication safe and secure for both parties. The best part of the service is that it is highly converting and can work on the mobile interface as well. The application makes sure that the best and the most advanced mechanism is added to systems which allow the companies to authenticate the digital ID on the documents. It works in almost all environments and fulfills the attributes of state of the art application. The program can also authenticate the IDs and the pictures which are associated even if there is no ID present situation.


    BOS also works to scan the records if the IDs and the pictures are uploaded using different devices such as cameras and webcams. The emails and file transfer mechanisms are also used to get the ID and therefore the app is efficient enough to scan these IDs as well. BOS is known to speed up the ID processing which means that not only time is saved but the users also get the outcome which is highly authentic and very much demanding. The queues are removed and the users get the work done in a much faster manner. Making BOS your ultimate choice will allow you to get the best out of your authentication processes.


    BOS also come with audit trail which means that any changes which are made to forge the document by the internal employee are visible. It also leads to stricter control and allows the users to overcome the problems which are faced by the users once substandard versions or other apps are used. A really complex back-end process is followed by BOS which makes it highly reliable. Embedding BOS in your internal ops will allow you to get the results that are matchless. Get the app now and start a completely new era of ID authentication.


    Customer screening and onboarding have never been as easy as it is with this app. The authentication workflows are customizable which means that BOS matches the needs of most of the apps in the market. BOS is a self-reliant program and requires little to no human interference thereby decreasing the chances of human error. Most of the processes which are embedded in the program are automated which means faster processing and state of the art outcomes. BOS is your only friend that will make your fearless when it comes to authentication. It ensures that nothing fishy passes through the strong processing processes of the program.


    From screening to XML record generation the program makes sure that the best outputs are provided to the front end staff. The company or the developers of the program are highly intuitive in nature and make sure that the best outcome is provided to the user. Get yourself the protection which is necessary to save your company from any potential danger which is posed by fake authentications and related IDs. AU10TIX is a name of quality, trust, and feasibility and all these factors are embedded within the BOS application.