• The fraud you can’t see

    December 10, 2017

    How fraudsters move to image editors that produce fake IDs with no Cut-Paste

    Gone are the days when the pictures were cut and paste to create fake IDs. The fraud has gone a bit too far and therefore now increased security measures should be implemented. Document counterfeiting is a phenomenon that has to pose the serious threat to homeland security as some executives of the department believe. Traditionally the fraud was done by using the photoshop. The pictures were cut and paste into the real ID once it was obtained. However, now there is no need of doing so as the threat has surpassed the normal bound. The worst part is that these documents are very professionally made. It means that the documents are fooling and practically making fun of the law enforcement agencies.

    There are image editors which can generate complete ID authentication document to make sure that there is no need of counterfeiting a single part. From getting onto the plane to boarding a hotel ID’s are needed to make sure that the nationality is proved.

    The situation is even worse in third world countries and kudos to the corruption that prevails. The fraudsters working in these countries have direct connections with the western world. The fake IDs are imported from such countries as the cost is too low. Hong Kong and China are the other countries from where the fake IDs are obtained. Smuggling is a federal felony and most of the college students don’t understand this.

    Yes, college students are the biggest group to buy fake documents. It has opened new horizons for the fraudsters as they look for the best and the most advanced tools which can be used to create more authentic counterfeit documents.

    The image editors used in this regard are ones which are neither found online nor can they be downloaded by the common person. These image editors are developed by fraudsters. Up till now, the fake IDs were created only by the use of photoshop and the other common programs. This is not the case now. The need of the hour is to make sure that security features are added to the IDs which are either hidden or cannot be copied at all. The use of fake IDs is becoming more and more common. It can lead to catastrophic results and can lead to another 9/11 incident which is not a good sign at all.

    The use of fake documents is being curbed a lot by the LEAs. As a part of the operation, some high-quality fake IDs are recently captured. These were to be distributed in the different part of the USA. The make of such IDs is not easy and the results which have been captured make sure that the concept has gone to the next level.

    The documents material which is used in this regard is near genuine which makes segregation of fake documents even harder. The price of such documents ranges from $50 to $500 which means it is a business for such fraudsters which they are carrying out successfully. Public awareness is the key to success and a responsibility of the government to curb this menace.