• Online Mobile ID Authentication

    January 7, 2018

    The illusion of online mobile ID authentication using device chip reading

    The use of the chips in authentication documents can lead to success and the most advanced form of safety and security. There are two main documents which are used for advanced authentication. These are passports and driving licenses. The make of the chip is such that it allows the use of the advanced bio-metrics and therefore can lead to high-quality authentication.

    The ways and means which lead to the successful authentication program depend upon CAP. CAP stands for Chip Authentication Program. Though it is an initiative that has been started by the MasterCard the fact is that the security agencies have taken it to the next level. The Same implementation is being done when it comes to Passport but there are some speculations that the driver’s license does not use such technology.

    Online usage
    There are many issues which can be curbed if such technology is used online. The passport is regarded as authentication document and therefore it can be used by the CAP readers integrated to the online barcode readers. The passport is also marked by such biometric sign to make sure that the best and the most advanced tools are used.

    Such passport data is also integrated with customer’s account data. It will authenticate the customer by going a step ahead. The ways and means which are used have been developed and the credit goes to the advanced form of CAP. The NFC chips which are used in this regard are the best form of authentication.

    Web Authentication
    The use of the desktop web authentication is a tactic which is used to make sure that the best idea is implemented. 2 and 3-factor authentication is used to make sure that the best outcome is generated. The use of web authentication can also be done with IDs.

    Some experts believe that to make IDs safe and secure the NFC chips are secretly installed. These chips are verified to make sure that high level of authentication is applied. The chip readers are of two types, first works as a barcode reader and the second one comes with a device. The ways and means that are related to the authentication are hybrid in almost all the situations. The EMV Dynamic Data Authentication has also been integrated into the system. It means that the card must be present at the time of authentication or it is not deemed to be complete at all.

    Driver license
    The authentication which is associated with the driver license is the one which is related to the devices that police carries. The driver license authentication is done by inserting the card into the device which is present with the police. These devices are developed keeping in view the ways and means that could be used for authentication.

    Mobile apps are also used as the touch chips are scanned using the barcode scanner. The driver license authentication has a major drawback. The chips are touch and therefore it means that the device readability should be used. Such license cannot be used to authenticate the users online.