• Next Generation face matching Liveness detection is multi modal

    December 21, 2017

    Facial recognition has long been regarded as an authentication technique that is reliable and can do wonders for the companies. There are highly secure facilities around the world that use such technology. The best part is that such technology is being used accurately and the success rate is very high. The modeling of such technology is done in such a manner that it covers other body parts of the person. The technology has been used successfully to make sure that the best and the most accurate results are derived. It also means that the technology has entered the phase of the future and therefore it means a lot for security agencies around the world. Some very important factors which are associated with this idea are as follows:

    Generation face matching – How the idea works

    The face recognition technology takes a selfie of the desired person and posts the results to the authentication system. This system has been embedded with highly accurate and state of the art technology. It ensures that the best biometric techniques are put into work. The facial features, movements, postures, and gestures are stored in the system to ensure that a biometric authentication of the face is created. This authentication works in a perfect manner and therefore whenever the person gets in front of the system the same parameters are used. It not only accurately identifies the person but the margin of error is also 0.001%.

    Generation face matching – Multimodal features

    The best part of this system is the fact that it is multimodal. The face is not only recognized but the overall management is also done in a manner that is awesome. A virtual mesh is created onto the face once it is entered into the system. The face is then stored inch by inch into the system. The advantage is that the margin of error reduces with all such feature installation into the system. The eyes, nose, lips and the list go on are stored in the system. These features also ensure that right authentication is done next time. The best part is that the system never creates or recognizes botch ID and therefore it means high accuracy is always guaranteed.

    Generation face matching – Applications to work with

    Such multimodal tech advancement is not just system related but it also makes sure that the ID can also work on other devices. Biometric apps have been developed for mobile phones which are integrated with the system. These apps can work remotely and create the best facial recognition results. Another huge advantage of such applications is that the data can be entered into the system even if the person is not physically present. The face recognition can be taken remotely and the highly accurate images can be transferred to the system with ease.

    Generation face matching – Conclusion

    Though the idea of facial recognition is highly reliable it cannot be implemented for all especially when it comes to multimodal. The data regarding each and every person is huge and the system cannot handle as the current storage is not high. Efforts are being made to get the work done with ease and satisfaction.