• Ron Atzmon, MD AU10TIX, Invited To Speaks At ID World International 2013 Congress (Frankfurt, Germany) On Banking & mPayment Solutions For ID Authentication & Processing

    October 1, 2013

    Mr. Ron Atzmon, managing director of AU10TIX, has been invited to present on the 6.11.2013 at the ID World International Congress and the Euro ID exhibition in Frankfurt, Germany.

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    Mr. Atzmon’s presentation will address the insights technology challenges and solutions in online ID authentication and processing, as part of the Strong Authentication in Banking & mPayment program.

    The presentation will scheduled to 6.11.2013 at 13:45 – 15:30 hrs.

    This presentation is indicative of the increasing acknowledge of the need for effective technology solutions for the authentication and processing of ID documents in the regulated markets of mobile banking and financial services in general.

    AU10TIX is a pioneer of multi-channel ID authentication and processing, and forerunner of the concept of Online Secure Customer Onboarding.

    For coordinating meetings with Mr. Atzmon during the event please contact Mr. Ofer Friedman, Director of Marketing, AU10TIX: ofer.friedman@au10tix.com.

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