Secure Customer Onboarding


Pioneers of Multi-Channel ID Authentication and Record Generation


Pioneers of Multi-Channel ID Authentication and Record Generation

Front-End Video Physical Document Handling
Online Video Document Image Handling
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  • Pre-Screening
    • Sorting out irrelevant documents or images
    • Sorting in relevant ones of adequate quality
  • Auto Classification
    • Automated document type identification
    • No manual intervention necessary
  • Content Extraction
    • Extraction of all relevant content
    • Including encrypted and electronic data
  • Authentication
    • Forgery test sets fitted to each doc type
    • Doc validation
    • Alert system
  • Record Generation
    • Complete data & Image record set
    • Generic format
    • Archiving & audit trail


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  • AU10TIX Improves Accuracy Of Online ID Authentication... AU10TIX R&D announces a new algorithm that improves the detection of lighting and flash reflections in customer submitted ID image files – Till now a...
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AU10TIX provides solutions for automating ID document authentication, validation and conversion to workable digital records. Integrated with automated e-form population, signature pads, biometric devices and other customer processing elements these solutions can form a complete paperless customer onboarding platform.


AU10TIX has been first to offer a complete range of solutions covering front-end and remote desktop, mobile channels based on a common core technology. This enables enterprises and agencies to benefit from streamlined, modular, easier to integrate solutions that cover the entire range of customer onboarding interfaces.


  • Speed-Up Customer Activation
  • Minimize Data Entry Errors
  • Save Overhead, Labor & Material
  • Improve Fraud Protection
  • Enable Effective KYC

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