Secure Customer Onboarding


Pioneers of Multi-Channel ID Authentication and Record Generation


Pioneers of Multi-Channel ID Authentication and Record Generation

Front-End Video Physical Document Handling
Online Video Document Image Handling
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  • Huffington Post: AU10TIX Technology Is a First in the... “With the rise of bank frauds, credit card cloning and online scammers; the Fintech industry uses the highest standard of security technology like AU10TIX, …is...
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  • RCI Financial Services Ltd Adds New AU10TIX “FDI... AU10TIX Limited, a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V., and RCI Financial Services Ltd, provider of funding solutions for Nissan, Renault, Infiniti and Dacia dealers in...
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  • RCI Banque Revolutionizes UK Auto Financing with AU10TIX... RCI Financial Services announced a revolutionary, AU10TIX technology backed, dealer system that enables paperless customer authentication, approval and payout in 20 minutes instead of typical...
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  • Ron Atzmon, MD AU10TIX, Invited To Speaks At ID World... Mr. Ron Atzmon, managing director of AU10TIX, has been invited to present on the 6.11.2013 at the ID World International Congress and the Euro ID...
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  • The Funding Corporation Limited (TFC) Car Finance Group... The Funding Corporation Limited (TFC) announces a 2.5 year extension of its contract with AU10TIX for the deployment of AU10TIX’s FDI front-end ID authentication and...
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AU10TIX provides solutions for automating ID document authentication, validation and conversion to workable digital records. Integrated with automated e-form population, signature pads, biometric devices and other customer processing elements these solutions can form a complete paperless customer onboarding platform.


AU10TIX has been first to offer a complete range of solutions covering front-end and remote desktop, mobile channels based on a common core technology. This enables enterprises and agencies to benefit from streamlined, modular, easier to integrate solutions that cover the entire range of customer onboarding interfaces.


  • Speed-Up Customer Activation
  • Minimize Data Entry Errors
  • Save Overhead, Labor & Material
  • Improve Fraud Protection
  • Enable Effective KYC

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